Thursday, November 1, 2007

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This is the class blog for CMU's graduate CS course 15-854B "Advanced Approximation Algorithms". The instructors for this course are Anupam Gupta and Ryan O'Donnell.

Please read this blog regularly; we will use it to post announcements (e.g., "There is a correction to problem 3 on the homework..."), lecture corrigenda and updates, homework hints, etc. There will be no mailing list for the class.

We will also use MathML in these posts; if it is working correctly for you, the following statements should look basically the same:

A set system L is "laminar" if for all A, BL, either AB = Ø, AB, or BA.

A set system $L$ is "laminar" if for all $A$, $B$ $\in$ $L$, either $A \cap B = \emptyset$, $A \subseteq B$, or $B \subseteq A$.

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